Quantum Computing: Foundations to Frontier

Course Number: CSC 2451 HF/MAT 1751 HF
Location: RS 211 new room
Date/Time: Wednesday 1-3pm
First meeting: September 11
Office hours: by appointment

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Fall 2018 course


This course will give a broad overview of the field of quantum computing. We will start with a crash course in the fundamentals of quantum computing (qubits, quantum circuits, basic quantum algorithms such as Grover’s search algorithm and Shor’s factoring algorithm). Armed with the basics, we will then explore topics at the frontier of quantum computing: quantum simulation, quantum cryptography, connections with physics, quantum machine learning algorithms, and quantum supremacy. Students will make project presentations at the end of the course. This is a theoretical course that requires mathematical maturity and a strong background in linear algebra and probability theory.

Final Project Showcase

Quantum verification
Danya Lette, Jonah Macan, Armanpreet Pannu
Practical Fault-Tolerance in Near-Term Devices
Reem Mandil, Amita Gnanapandithan, Calvin (Hang Yu) Xu
Optimizing quantum error correction codes with classical machine learning
Sean Ovens, Rahul Shekhawat, and Isaac Waller
Molecular Energies via the Variational Quantum Eigensolver
Na’im Kalantar and Yiqun Zhang
Solving NP-complete Puzzles with Quantum Annealing
Collin Wilson, Haoping Xu, Yongtao Zhan, Yousuf Aborahama
Quantum Computing Cluster State Model
Phillip Blakey, Alex Karapetyan, Thomas Ma
Oracle Separation of BQP and the Polynomial Hierarchy
Halley Goldberg and Shi Hao Liu
The General Adversary Bound: A Survey
Lily Li and Morgan Shirley
Quantum Neurons
Zachary Cetinic, Daniel Hidru, Marta Skreta


Date Topic, Notes, and References
September 11 Administrativa. Basics of quantum information. [Slides] [Scribe notes]
September 18 Entanglement, CHSH game, Bell’s Theorem, and Certifiable randomness [Scribe notes]
September 25 Teleportation, quantum circuits [Scribe notes]
October 2 Deutsch and Simons algorithm, the Quantum Fourier Transform (Pset1 due Oct. 4)
October 9 Quantum Fourier Transform, Phase Estimation, (glimpse of) Factoring [Scribe notes]
October 16 Grover search, quantum counting [Scribe notes] (Project Proposals due Oct. 18)
October 23 Hamiltonians and Hamiltonian simulation (Pset2 due Oct. 25)
October 30 Quantum error correction, guest lecture by Arthur Mehta [Scribe notes]
November 6 Reading week, no class
November 13 Quantum complexity theory, guest lecture by Hamoon Mousavi [Scribe notes]
November 20 Near term quantum computing (Pset3 due Nov. 24) [Scribe notes]
November 27 Quantum cryptography [Scribe notes]
December 4 Experimental implementations (Final projects due Dec. 6)