Henry Yuen

Henry Yuen

Associate Professor

Columbia University


I am the Srivani Family Associate Professor of Computer Science at Columbia University. I am a member of the CS Theory group as well as the Data Science Institute. My research focuses on the interplay between quantum computing, complexity theory, cryptography, and information theory.

Nonlocal: A Quantum Computing Podcast


Fall 2024 Introduction to Quantum Computing (COMS 4281)

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email: firstname.lastname at columbia dot edu


Graduate students
Saachi Mutreja
Natalie Parham
John Bostanci
Adrian She (PhD 2019 - 2024, co-advised with Toni Pitassi)
Hamoon Mousavi (PhD 2019 - 2023 $\to$ Postdoc @ Simons Institute)
Gregory Rosenthal (PhD 2020 - 2023, co-advised with Ben Rossman $\to$ Postdoc @ Cambridge University)
Arthur Mehta (PhD 2019 - 2021 $\to$ Assistant Professor @ U. Ottawa)

Uma Girish
Cunlu Zhou (2019-2021 $\to$ Assistant Professor @ U. of Sherbrooke)


I am a co-organizer of the Columbia CS Theory Seminar. Please reach out if you’re interested in speaking!

Workshop Organization

Program Committees

ITCS 2017, CCC 2018, TQC 2018, STOC 2020, QIP 2020, QIP 2021, CCC 2021, ITCS 2023, ICALP 2023, QIP 2024, QCrypt 2024, STOC 2025