Henry Yuen

Henry Yuen

Assistant Professor

Columbia University


I am an Assistant Professor of Computer Science at Columbia University. I am a member of the CS Theory group. My research focuses on the interplay between quantum computing, complexity theory, cryptography, and information theory.

Nonlocal: A Quantum Computing Podcast


Spring 2021
Introduction to Quantum Computing (COMS 4281)
BIU Winter School on Cryptography

Fall 2020
Advanced Topics in Quantum Information Theory (CSC2429H/MAT1752H)


email: firstname.lastname at columbia dot edu


Graduate students

Hamoon Mousavi (2019 - present)
Adrian She (2019 - present, co-advised with Toni Pitassi)
Gregory Rosenthal (2020 - present, co-advised with Ben Rossman)

Undergraduate students

Yulong Li (2021 - present)

Past advisees

Cunlu Zhou (Postdoc 2019 - 2021. Currently postdoc at CQuIC at U. New Mexico.) Arthur Mehta (PhD 2019 - 2021. Now postdoc at U. Ottawa)
Smik Patel (Undergrad 2020. Now PhD student at the U. of Toronto)
Hugh Goatcher (Undergrad 2020)
David Cui (Undergrad 2019 - 2020. Now PhD student at MIT)
Yvette De Sereville (Undergrad 2019 - 2020. Now Masters student at U. of Waterloo)
Seyed Sajjad Nezhadi (Undergrad 2019 - 2020. Now PhD student at U. Maryland)


Workshop Organization

Program Committees

ITCS 2017, CCC 2018, TQC 2018, STOC 2020, QIP 2020, QIP 2021, CCC 2021