Quantum Computing: Foundations to Frontier

Course Number: CSC 2451 HF/MAT 1751 HF
Location: Bahen 1220
Date/Time: Wednesday 2-5pm
First meeting: September 12
Office hours: by appointment

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This course will give a broad overview of the field of quantum computing. We will start with a crash course in the fundamentals of quantum computing (qubits, quantum circuits, basic quantum algorithms such as Grover’s search algorithm and Shor’s factoring algorithm). Armed with the basics, we will then explore topics at the frontier of quantum computing: quantum simulation, quantum cryptography, connections with physics, quantum machine learning algorithms, and quantum supremacy. Students will make project presentations at the end of the course. This is a theoretical course that requires mathematical maturity and a strong background in linear algebra and probability theory.

Final Project Showcase

Quantum Computing for Quantum Chemistry
Sumner Alperin-Lea, Phillip W.K. Jensen and Robert A. Lang
Knot Theory and Quantum Computing
Robin Gaudreau, David Ledvinka
Geometry and Quantum Complexity
Sitanshu Ghakkar
Optimization via Quantum Adiabatic Computing
Fengwei Sun and Huiting Zhu
Quantum Communication Complexity
Seyed Sajjad Nezhadi, Dmitry Paramonov, Akash Rakheja
Portfolio Asset Identification using Graph Algorithms on a Quantum Annealer
Angad Kalra, Faisal Qureshi, and Michael Tisi
Quantum randomness amplification and expansion
Yuyang Liu and Nils Wenzler
Quantum Information and Black Holes
Jared Barron and David Wandler
Attacking classical cryptosystems with quantum adversaries that leverage Simons’s Algorithm
Karan Grewal, Xing Hu and Zhewei Sun
Limitations on Fourier Sampling for the Hidden Subgroup Problem
Adrian Chiu and Adrian She
Quantum Spectral Algorithms for Planted Clique
Deeksha Adil, Noah Fleming and Ian Mertz
Solving Optimization Problems Using Quantum Annealing
Nora Hahn and Motasem Suleiman


Date Topic, Notes, and References
September 12 Administrativa. Basics of quantum information. [Slides] [Scribe notes]
September 19 Entanglement, CHSH game, Bell’s Theorem, and Certifiable randomness [Scribe notes]
September 26 Teleportation, quantum circuits, Deutsch’s algorithm and Simons’ algorithm [Scribe notes]
October 3 Quantum Fourier Transform, Phase estimation, Order finding (Pset 1 due) [Scribe notes]
October 10 Grover search, Hamiltonians, Mixed States, Noise and Decoherence [Scribe notes]
October 17 Quantum machine learning, including guest lecture by Peter Wittek. (Pset2 and Project Proposals due) [Scribe notes]
October 24 Quantum complexity theory [Scribe notes]
October 31 Near-term quantum computing and quantum supremacy [Scribe notes]
November 7 Reading week, no class
November 14 Quantum cryptography (Pset3 due) [Scribe notes]
November 21 Quantum error correction and fault tolerance [Scribe notes]
November 28 Experimental implementations [Slides] [Scribe notes]
December 3 Project Presentations. 4-6:30pm, MP 137
December 5 Project Presentations