On the verge

As my stint at Berkeley winds down over the next few weeks, I’m finally taking stock of the next chapter ahead of me: on July 1st, I’ll be packing my bags and transplanting myself to the fine city of Toronto, Canada.

For sure, it won’t be without its share of challenges: the frigid winters, “colour” and “neighbour” and “centre”, and perhaps most difficult of all, “zed”. But despite these difficulties, I expect a great adventure.

It’s an exciting time to be alive. Quantum computing has hit the mainstream. Random people I sit next to on the plane now know either the words “quantum computing” or “crypto” (or both!). Machine learning and AI are changing the way we live.

We also face a ton of problems – and I don’t just mean scientific problems. This blog will mostly focus on the science, but I suspect now and then I’ll wander into matters that touch the bigger picture.

At any rate, Toronto, here I come! Stay tuned.

Henry Yuen
Henry Yuen
Assistant Professor